VOL. 19, NO. 291

Letters to the Editor
Do you have any burning complaints, constructive and destructive comments and glowing compliments for our editor? If yes, you came to the right place. You can send a letter to the Editor of The Lanka Academic using [This] interface. We do ask that you adhere to some simple [Guidelines] when sending your message (see below). Your letters will appear [Here] shortly with a response from the editor, where appropriate.

If you do not want your letter to be published and just want to communicate with the editor, you can send the editor an email at "editor at theacademic.org".

  1. Supply us your name and a varifiable email address where we can reach you. Please note that the editor will keep your email address strictly confidential.
  2. The editor reserves the right to modify your letter if necessary. The editor may or may not respond to the issues brought about in your message. In all cases, the editor's decision is final.
  3. Please be courteous.
  4. We encourage letters from all viewers representing a diversity of backgrounds (race, religion, culture, gender or sexual orientation.)
  5. Be succinct and to the point. Limit word count to 120.

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