VOL. 19, NO. 291


It is plain and simple: By just visiting this page, you are helping a student in rural Sri Lanka gain education.

See, our advertisers pay us depending on how often YOU visit our web page. The more often YOU visit us, the more revenue we will receive. "So what's new?", you might ask.

Here is the twist: instead of making a profit and pocketing the money like other newspapers, we give it away. How's that for a change?

Ours is a registered non-profit organization in the USA, run by volunteers located around the globe connected via email, all united for one goal: to enhance educational opportunities for less-priviledged students in rural Sri Lanka. We have a program where we start computer centers in rural Sri Lanka. See what we did with your money in Anuradhapura. Here is a breath-taking story about a young teacher, whose horizons were expanded thanks to your support.

Think of what your support can do to similar communities in Sri Lanka. So please visit us more often. Tell all your friends about this web page. The more visitors we have the more revenue we can generate for projects like the above. [Back to The Lanka Academic]

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